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2019 Promotional Merchandise Guidelines and FAQ

Discretionary Fund Guidelines
  • To be used for your branded wearables, open houses, customer gifts/incentives, etc.
  • District Sales Managers, Field Service Technicians: Receive $1,100 Jan 3rd & $1,100 June 3rd.
  • National Sales Managers,Sales Directors: Receive $1,100 Jan 3rd & $1,100 June 3rd.
  • Regional Managers: Receiver $2,000 Jan 3rd & $2,000 June 3rd.
  • Service Center Managers and Product Managers: Receive $500 Jan 3rd
  • Canada will place consolidated discretionary fund orders March 1 and July 1, managed by Joe Bentrovato. Merchandise will be sent to the respective service centers to distribute to cut down on duty charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

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